One of the biggest manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves on the Balkans.

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About Us

We have established ourselves among European manufacturers of wood burning fireplaces and stoves relying on high quality, modern production facilities, product variety and competitive prices. We work hard to constantly enrich our catalog with new models. The distribution of our products is under our own brand. Our large production and storage areas allow us to respond in a timely manner to the needs of our distributors and customers, both in Bulgaria and abroad.


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Advantages of our products
  • QUALITY - We adhere to the quality of the offered products and each of them is duly tested in a statutory laboratory.
  • PRICE - Our priority and goal is high quality at a good price, both for distributors and end customers.
  • diversity - In addition to heat-resistant paint and ceramic tiles, we also offer enameled products, which expands the variety of the products, as well as their qualities and colors. The enamel coating on the parts is baked at 850 degrees after application and the metal parts covered with it are much more resistant to temperature amplitudes.

The water jackets produced by us are tubular. The advantage of such water jacket is that it has a large heating area and allows a big part of the fire to reach the bricks mounted behind it. There is usually no need for radiators in the room where it is located. The water jacket can be replaced.

Advantages of our water jackets
Advantages for our clients
  • in STOCK - We always keep a large quantity of the offered products in stock and we can react to any delivery request relatively quickly.
  • flexibility - We have an extremely fast reaction when developing new models and we are always ready to make changes in the design or to improve the qualities of the fireplaces and stoves we offer.
  • market-appropriate model - Upon request from a client, we can develop and produce a model suitable for his market. This happens after detailed conversations, possibly providing a sample and when the client orders large quantities of the model.


Our fireplaces and stoves are on the markets in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary, Czechia, United Kingdom and Poland.

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